Welcome to my Camp

Hello. Thank you very much for visiting my blog or should I say my camp site where I can pitch my thoughts about various topics that I see as valuable.

I have been blogging for several years, but I am not taking it seriously except on my blog about education. I am a high school teacher for three years and many have identified me as Sir Carl. Many think of me as a busy bee who wakes early in the morning and work with the owls at night. But, I want to be identified as who I am.

That is why I decided to put up this blog for me to showcase my lifestyle. I am also an ordinary guy who wants to explore places and value things there. I want to give my opinions on trending issues without hesitations. I just want to talk about myself.

I am not fond of joining camps. I have never joined scouting camps. I tried camping when I was still a member of young people fellowship in our church. In camping, I learned a lot of things that I am applying in my life. I learned independence, orderliness, security, and connection. These four factors are the things you can feel as you read a piece of me.

You will see here the thoughts I have when traveling or eating alone in fast food chains or restaurants. I want to voice out what I feel on the topics that affect me the most. I am not getting younger and it is about time to explore the world on my own. The irony here is I am a home buddy. I am also not good in directions and I have my fears on trying out new things. Maybe, you will find out here my fears in my travels. You will laugh out loud once you read about naive on things that I am not familiar with. I am a shy guy and coward most of the time. I am doing this blog to overcome my fears, my low self- esteem to establish my better me.

Moreover, I am person who forgets easily. Maybe because of stressful work, my brain does not recognize things easily. We call this phenomenon as "pagkaulyanin". Thus, I blog to store here the activities that I have. This will be my journal that I can browse. I want to make sure that all details count. Like what I wrote above, I am not getting younger. I need to make good memories while I am strong and capable of doing various activities.

I am an introvert. I do not socialize too much. I am also having problems to understand others and to make myself to be understood. Many called me weird, snob, and terror. I want to show here my silly side. Do not worry. I am not biting. I look like a monster, but I have a heart. You can call me Barney if you want. I just want to make this site as my outlet of the crazy ideas that I have. Also, I am going to present how I am "fanboying" someone. After all, we are all human beings who know how to laugh, love, cry, and flare up. Another irony here is I have various social media accounts. You can call me as a friend. I hope that I can give a friendly atmosphere here.

So, enjoy your stay here. You can read my personality now. There are various posts, pictures, and videos to be posted here.

P.S. You will not be bitten by mosquitoes here. 

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