7 Food to Enjoy During the Rainy Season

My mother's sopas.

It is now the month of June and the season in the country changes from dry to wet during this month. And, PAGASA announced today that it is now rainy season in the country. Fans and air conditioners can have their day off.  

Blanket and jacket are not enough to combat the coldness. We are looking for food that will give us warmth. I do not know if it just me but I easily feel hungry when the days are rainy. In this blog, I am going to share the following food best to eat during the inclement weather. 

1. Macaroni soup

Yesterday, my mother cooked macaroni soup for our breakfast. She chopped onions, garlics, Baguio beans, and carrots in our terrace while the heavy rain was pouring. She also sliced hotdogs.  

Macaroni soup is one of the usually served food during the rainy season. What I love eating soup is its milky taste. I also love eating chicken as the main ingredient. Having it in a bowl and eating it while watching the leaves move by raindrops is comforting. 

2. Instant noodles

If we talk about easy preparation, instant noodles are most sought under this category. There are packed and cup versions and there are various flavors to choose from. You can cook your choice using pan or in a cup by pouring the seasonings and hot water. In just three minutes, you can enjoy slurping it. But, beware of overeating this as it can Urinary Tract Infection. Instant noodles are irresistible. I eat in moderation for me to savor the food. 

3. Lugaw/ Porridge

In rainy days, lugaw is really essential. This makes tummies happy especially when it has egg. I love it with onion leaves. There are stalls that offer add-ons to hot porridge. 

4. Arroz caldo

This is my most favorite comfort food during the rainy season. During elementary days, I always raise my hand when someone is asking who wants to have a cup of arroz caldo. Even I am now grown up, I want it to be present on the table during the bad weather. The shredded chicken and glutinous rice combination is heaven for me. 

5. Champorado

This is a porridge with sweet chocolate. Many people prefer to eat champorado plain but partnered with fried tuyo. I am not a fan of this food as rice and chocolate combo is sweet, but I prefer to eat it with evaporated milk. 

6. Lomi

As a person who is fond of eating noodles, lomi is a standout. The thick noodles and chicken liver are the reasons why lomi makes me drool. 

7. Bread, biscuits, crackers with hot coffee/ choco

The sound of bitten biscuits and crackers harmonizes with the pitter patter on roof. The taste of bread somehow brightens my day even it is gloomy. Who can escape the magic spell of pandesal in the morning? This bread is still patronize by many because of its taste. Biscuits and crackers are also good to eat while sipping a cup of coffee or choco. Well, dunking these before drinking makes the eating exciting. 

As we are going to stay at home in the rainy days, dining will be a great bonding with our family. What we eat during this period becomes more delectable if we share it with our loved ones. Do you know other food that are perfect for the season, but it does not appear in the list? Let me know by commenting below. 

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