Thrill and Chill: Reignite #TravelGoals at Camp Puor

There is a place in Pangasinan that became the summer destination of 2021 because of its Instagrammable view and trending hugot signages. If you want to rekindle your desire to travel, Camp Puor will warm up the travel enthusiast in you.

This newest travel destination is located in Lubigan Cabuyao, Bolinao, Pangasinan. We used a car to reach the place yesterday morning. There is no problem traversing the way going there as the road is concrete. The boatmen and the green river will welcome you. That part is the start of the adventure. To reach the other side of the river where the campground is established, you need to ride a boat which cost 20 pesos back and forth. A boat can accommodate up to three passengers depending on the size. The management provides lifejackets for safety. In our case, we are seven in the group so there were four boats used for us. It was a thrilling experience for me as it was my first time to cross a river. I do not have fear riding a boat as my grandfather used to bring me in the sea back when I was a child. We crossed the river around five minutes. We conversed with the boatman about the tourist spot. We were surprised as the one who was paddling was a woman. She said that the camp started its operation March this year. Our conversation was brief as we reached the area.

The management set 40 pesos entrance fee for an adult and 20 pesos fee for a kid. You can rent a cottage for 250 pesos. Here are the complete details of fees for the amenities:

Day Tour

Entrance Fee- Adult- 40 pesos, Kid- 20 pesos

Cottages- 250 pesos

Photoshoot- 1,500 pesos (Mondays to Fridays)

Life vest- 50 pesos

Ihawan- 50 pesos



Entrance Fee- Adult- 40 pesos

Tents- Rent a Tent- 400 pesos; Pitching Own Tent- 300 pesos

Hut/ Kubo- 1,200 pesos (From 1 PM to 9 AM only)

If you are planning to have overnight camping, you must bring your camping beddings and other equipment. Our group availed for a day tour. Camp Puor is a nice place to escape the humdrum of the city and destress from work as the environment is relaxing. Upon entering the site, you will be mesmerized by lofty coconuts and structures made of bamboo.

You can pose pictures in the view decks facing the river. You can play with a swing. You can also take photos on a nest- like structure and heart- shaped and circle- shaped bamboo structures that you can sit on it. You can also walk between the hanging bamboo poles. Visitors can also swim in the river, but be careful with the jellyfish. The management imposes a warning sign about the jellyfish season.

The campground really makes you feel relaxed and if you want to have an outlet for your problems, it has a solution. It will open Stress Wall on June 1. So, get ready to shout and exert your force as you aim your target with the camp’s newest offering.

I am so glad that my travel there is my way of capping my summer. Indeed, bamboo, boats, coconuts, cottages, rafts, and river are ingredients for a perfect summer.

Put now Camp Puor in your travel wish list and experience thrill and adventure with the nature.  

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