Capturing Super Flower Blood Moon

To all astronomy enthusiasts in the country, tonight is very important as the moon shows its magnificent beauty as it is in its super flower blood appearance. This happens because of supermoon and total eclipse combination. 

Waiting for this event is suspenseful as the afternoon was cloudy. Thank God that the moon appeared tonight and family and I saw its reddish phase. Based on news reports, the phenomenon can be best viewed at 7:18 PM. We tried to take pictures using our phones, but the lens cannot capture the moon well. Zooming gives pixeled images. 

I just remembered that I have a point-on-shoot camera at 8 PM. My photo buddy was not used for a year now and it is just tonight I hold it again. When I got it, I was disappointed that it is low battery. I charged it hoping that I can still join the trend. My Facebook news feed has lots of posts about the eclipse and the photos taken are really captivating. 

After an hour, I went outside to try my luck in taking up pictures. The moon was radiating yellow and that is an indicator that the eclipse is almost over. The blood moon is said to last until 9:49 PM. I got these pictures. There are red parts but the color is not vibrant anymore. 

I will try again next time. Even that I failed to have the best shots, I was able to observe it. 

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