iflix Gives 30- day VIP Access for Free

Cropped screenshot during my installation of iflix app on my phone. 

iflix is a friend who does not want us to feel the cabin fever. The Southeast Asian- based video streaming company help us to cope during the enhance community quarantine as it offers a 30- day iflix VIP access wherein we can have enjoy its library of shows.

The good news was relayed in the iflix Facebook page last April 8. Netizens can watch their favorite local, Hollywood, Korean movies and TV shows through app or in the website. The users are instructed on how to avail the free access.

Steps to Avail iflix VIP Access
1. Download iflix app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) or go to iflix.com using web browser.
2. Create account or log in using email address or Facebook account.
3. Go to the menu and click Redeem Voucher.
4. Put the code iflixVIPtime and start watching.

I claimed my VIP access reward last Saturday during the Lenten season. It is true as there are various shows to choose from. In my first trial, I watched Sosy Problems starring Solenn Heausaff, Heart Evalengista, Rhian Ramos, and Bianca King. The film is about the four it girls who are against the closing of their club they used to hang out. I found it hilarious. I love comedy films. Today, I will try to see a horror movie. It is now a week since I had a movie watching through the app. I got busy for the past days. Well, Saturday is rest day. I will really get a chance to do binge- watching. Thank you, iflix for this entertainment treat.

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