Carl's Twitterverse Set Number 1

Here are my poems I created on my Twitter account @carlcarolino1. I hope you like this set.

Snowy Valley

most of the time you
tread the snowy valley
in those darkest nights you
feel the world
coldness is an iron ball
torturing your feet
you should not
stop because the flame of
faith is in the hearth of
your heart
you will sleep
tight soon


quiet the tempest of your
weary heart
let it beat in precision

feed it with love found in
a sunny day of  May
it needs warmth
and radiance
that have been unseen
for a long time

do not tremble
look for the silver lining
you deserve to be happy

Over the Moon

i just want to be over
the moon, pressing the stars
like elevator buttons
up and up leaving
all the melancholic nights
on earth
just for a moment
to escape the nightmares
of my plain life
i will wake up
embracing the sun


my eyes thirst for
dew covering the grass
of my garden where i
plant rose, succinct, and
dream that are as tiny as
the mustard seeds
there is still hope after i
throw away my shovel and
gloves and hope
going back to gardening
and living is now easy


time is a cheetah---
untamed, uncontrollable
it bites the chances
to sew clothes
of memories our souls
can wear based on
our taste

the year ends yet we
want to pull back the thread
but how long you want to deal
with the past?
catwalk wait us
to display and slay      

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