Carl's Twitterverse Set 2

This is the second set of poems I posted on my Twitter account @carlcarolino1. Enjoy reading.


let your sorrows
explode in the night sky
like fireworks

treat these as beautiful display---
a beautiful opportunity
to shine bright despite
the darkness that halts you
in seeing the glorious morning



a toast,
a love lost
maybe those times
cannot be restored
but, we can start anew
our hearts do not lie
let us tie the knot

365 shows

curtains up
another year has arrived
seize the spotlight
for all- new 365 shows
do not hide behind the drapes
give stellar performances
that deserve fragrant flowers, ten
thousand hands clapping,
praises never ending
you are the lead of your life


my life so cold
no hands to hold
stories remain untold
i am not yet bold
still not ready to unfold
the love for you to behold
you are gold
i am just mold


i miss gazing into your eyes
they are fireworks in my
starless nights
you always draw me to
an endless, spectacular
light show I wish it never stops

stars brought us together
unexpectedly in the sea of people
we looked each other

no spark
hearts dimmed

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