My 2019 Will Be

Here comes 2019. We are done with 2018 and we are off to a brand new start. How’s your life last year? Maybe, you had a great fun. Maybe you experienced travelling in the country or around the world or you bought your favorite gadget. Life is not free from trouble. Maybe, last year was awful for you. You lost something, someone that almost shattered your heart. Well, that it is life. It is unpredictable. What side of coin were you last year, what important is you are still breathing. You survived 365.25 days of 2018. Strong.

My life last year was a roller coaster. I had my good times and bad times. I finished my master’s degree and my life as a researcher started to flourish. On the other hand, I felt being broken. Well, there are frustrations that almost made my faith fainted. It was hell of a ride. I am very grateful that I have another year for me to improve myself and learn more.

It is common that one sets up his goals for a year. Determining goals really helps to have focus in life. Before, I make New Year resolutions. I am doing this because my teachers usually ask our resolutions during the first day of classes of the year. However, I always end up with failure. I stopped making resolutions when I was in college. Now, that I am an adult, I feel like I am stuck. I am use to live my life plainly. I need to strive more to reinvent myself.

I am back with my optimistic self. This year, I need to be more courageous to my goals. I call my resolutions as goals for me to attain them efficiently. In teaching, we set goals and objectives in discussing a lesson. This step makes me feel that I am on the right track. I will apply this in my life.

What are my goals this year? Here they are:

1.       Establish my blogging career. I am blogging since 2015 and I can say that I call this now not only a hobby but also a career. I want to give time on it. This summer, I will do a revamp of my education blog. I will also try to blog weekly to have more quality, entertaining, and educational content for my readers. I am trying to make my blog updated. I hope my job will not affect my passion. If I am tired after office work, I only want to sit down or do binge watching. My mind cannot focus when I am sleepy. I will really do my best to provide something to my readers.
2.       Travel. I had my wanderlust last year. My feet brought me to Tarlac, Pampanga, La Union, Ilocos Norte, and Ilocos Sur. Travelling was not easy for me. I need to endure long trips and budgeting as well. This year, I need to plan well for me to have convenience in travelling. I need to save money for my trips. I am planning to apply for a passport. I hope I can settle all my debts. If God will give me a chance to travel this year, I want it abroad. I saw my Facebook friend walking in the streets of Hong Kong and Macau. I can’t help but feel envious. I hope I can have a touchdown in other countries.
3.       Save money. I really need to save money. I am not getting young. Adulting is real. There are lots of bills I need to pay. I need to make me financially stable. I am planning to join online business. My best friend has convinced me to join his venture. I am not good in numbers, but I need to learn it for my future. I need to save money in the bank for emergency as well. If I have enough, I will also get an insurance. Like what I have written above, life is full of surprises. I need to have an insurance to support my health, my plans. I hope I could make it.
4.       To be fit. This is the goal that will make me struggle the most. I really gained weight for the past years. I have my fluffy face that gets big space during groufies. Eating is easy, losing weight is not. I am doing Zumba, but it does not happen with my hectic schedule. This year, I will incorporate biking. I need to really burn fats as I get old. I will also lessen my eating of oily and salty foods. I do not eat vegetable and fruits so much. I am guilty that I love eating fried foods. And, drinking soda will make my eating a deadly deli combo. I need to change my eating habits. I hope I could resist temptations.
5.       To learn more. Learning does not end in schooling. I want to learn new skills. I have downloaded video editing apps on my phone. I am interested on vlogging. I am shy to camera. I need to overcome it. Aside from that, I need to go back to the kitchen. I really struggle in cooking. I admit I am a foodie. I want to eat and I think preparing my food will be beneficial for me. I also want to learn playing musical instruments. I have been having a problem in learning how to play guitar. I am praying to God that at least I have a musical instrument that I have knowledge and skill playing it.

For the meantime, these are the things that I want. These are big goals for me that I need to be committed. We failed to attain goals because we procrastinate or we give up easily. I admit that I am impatient. I easily stop when things are not right. I need to be cool. I need to sacrifice for my goals to be attained. All will be possible if I work hard. I will claim it. I will have a better year.

How about you? What do you want in 2019?

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