Carl's Twitterverse Set 3


why the scent of the past
still captivates me?

i have sprayed the perfume of the
new year,
but my nose still yearns
for you
who showered a bottle
of love as fragrant
as the red roses
cared passionately
in the garden of romance


feel like you are in a
ghost town
you wear the crown,
but you do nothing all day but frown
undress the gown of

the throne of isolation
and walk with the people
who knows the story
of friendship

their company is a castle
you are safe
you are love


it is now time
to lose the grip
on the bar of a dream
which is not for me

i am hopeless
i am just realistic
not what I want
my hands can grasp

i will let myself fall
maybe a foam of blessing
will catch me
i just need to be strong


i just need an ampere of encouragement
but you electrocuted me
with your deadly words
my soul bleeds

i am drained
i am a dead battery
i belong to the garbage
of invalid
no one cares
after serving them

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