Max: My Spirit Animal | The Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie Experience

The introvert owner of this blog left his house today as he decided to go back to school this month. He finally chose where he wants to study his specialization. A year is enough for him to recharge. He has now the courage to face a whole new world (sounds like Aladdin).

Changes POV

I had an easy enrolment process in my new school located in Dagupan City. It was Saturday and I thought of watching a movie for me to relax. The last time I went to the movie house was three months ago. It was the time Captain Marvel was still showing. It was a spectacular film that fed my eyes with its powerful CGI effects.

I left the school at 10:45 in the morning. I had to go immediately to CSI Lucao to eat lunch before entering the cinema. While I was riding in the jeepney, I am thinking what movie I will watch. I thought of Aladdin as A Whole New World is trending online. I love fantasy films especially if these are child- friendly. I just love the vibes of those films. 

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I arrived in the mall at 11 AM. I checked the offered movies. However, there is no Aladdin anymore. I got sad for just five seconds as I saw the poster of The Secret Life of Pets 2. I remember that it premiered in the theaters June 5. I got excited as I will watch an animated film anew. I wasted no time. I went to McDonald’s for my lunch. I ate chicken and fries fast. I walked to the second floor to buy a ticket. I paid one hundred seventy- pesos. I bought a bottle of mineral water and went inside the cinema.

I am not going to tell the plot of the film because I do not want to be tagged as spoiler. The film made us, the moviegoers, laughed out loud. The kids really giggle most of the time. It removed my stress and it exceeds my expectations.

Choosing the film made me miss my cat so badly. He is missing for a month now. He is my stress reliever. I love cats, and losing him makes me dispirited. I felt a relief when I saw the adorable pets in the movie. As a cat lover, my bias should be for Chloe, the lovely gray- haired cat, who taught the cute white dog, Gidget on how to be a cat as she tried to get back Busy Bee which is Max’s favorite toy. But, I “stan” for Max.

Max is one of the dogs of couple Chuck and Katie. The two also own Duke. Their pets welcomed their baby, Liam. Max is not a kid person, but he treats the boy precious. I admire the dog’s love for his young owner. The family went to the countryside for a vacation. Duke easily adjusted in the area while Max was uncomfortable in the farm.

The barking duo met the dog strangely named Rooster who taught Max to be courageous. The dog protagonist was a coward one, but his new friend pushed him to the limit. He got the respect of the farm’s brave dog before going back to New York. He became braver until the last part of the film.

I am not a dog lover. It started when I was a ten- year old kid. I accidentally steeped on a black dog’s foot that made him to bite my left leg. Luckily, there was no force exerted by the dog. No bite marks, no scratches. After watching Max, I somehow changed my perception about dogs. I just think fear of the most of the time that it makes me to hate man’s best friend.

I saw myself in Max. I have fear of everything. In the movie, Rooster said to Max, “You are afraid of everything.” Duke agreed to Rooster’s statement. I easily fret when I sense fear around me. I just want to stay in my house as I am an introvert. I am scared of trying new things as I think I might fail or get injured. But, there is the part of me that I really want to reinvent myself. I must be like Max who conquered his fears. I must have a friend like Rooster who is a cheerleader for someone who is afraid of everything. I remember the lines he stated when he ordered Max to save a sheep who was at the danger zone.

“The first thing to be not getting scared of everything is to act like you are not scared of everything.”

A strong dog once said the statement above, and I need to apply it in my life. When I went to my new school, I was nervous that I was tensed when I enrolled there. I should not be consumed of fear. I need to show what I got.

Max gave me a lesson about how to deal life. He said there are two ways of living life: run from it or run on it. The movie was timely for me as I face another chapter of my life. Our pets really teach us things. They are not just buddies, they are life coaches.

Rush to the theaters and watch this film.

Look for Gidget and Snowball in the movie. They can draw smile in your face.

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