The Camp Has a New Address

Good news!

My camp has been indexed online with its self- hosted domain. This blog is not using address anymore. It is now

Having a personal blog is my ultimate dream since 2014. I learned blogging using the Blogger platform. I had my first site when I started working as a private college instructor. It was like a Eureka moment for me as I experienced it for the very first time. As expected, it was not perfect. My site became dormant as I only had limited background about online writing.

Google has been by friend in learning how to blog. Many became successful in this endeavor as they overcame several challenges in their journey. Some stated that in order for a blog to grow, it should have its own domain. Having this will help one to establish a brand in the virtual world full of various sites. One should step up to get the attention of the readers especially that there lots of blogs that are beautifully and substantially maintained.

I tried to have a personal blog in 2015. I bought a domain from Philwebhosting.Net. I was happy as I owned a site under my name as the site address. However, the joy was ephemeral as I encountered problems in maintaining it. A site is powered by coding. As a non- IT professional, tinkering it was difficult. I had a hard time to discerning the codes. I felt my mind was going to explode in coding.

I decided to stop paying for my first domain two years after its launching. Money plays a great factor in blogging. It was heart breaking seeing my word empire collapsing. I felt disappointed about what happened.  

The difficulties I experienced did not hamper me to continue this hobby. I made a blog about education the same year my first domain expired. Your Friend, Maestro tries to help fellow educators in teaching duties. I am happy when my visitors appreciate my work. I am writing there if I have time. I really want to post various content in my site, but I face many tasks that are urgent and more important.

 Operating a blog is uneasy, how much is writing on two sites? I still yearn for having a blog where I can vent out my emotions, share my weird ideas, tell what I do and love, and to display my creativity. I made Carl’s Camp in December 2018. I went back to my first love, Blogger. I decided to pitch my tent on this platform as I am comfortable with it.

Last April, I claimed this domain under the same provider of my education blog. I spent 600 pesos for this. Then, I bought the cloud service for it to be functional last month. I explored the vast Internet about how I can replace the blogspot address with my self- hosted domain. I cannot decipher the tips. I had other options of blog platforms that I can choose, but I do not want to give up. I remember Kuya Paul, my fellow campus journalist back in college. He was IT graduate of our batch.

I consulted my problem to him, and he did not hesitate to help me to solve this puzzling situation. The collaboration was hampered by distance. I am in my province while he is in Metro Manila. We set the working time. We opted to work in holiday, June 5. He requested me to download AnyDesk software.

I was wondering how the software could help us in the site configuration. The holiday came, and I was excited about the upcoming change in my blog. We started at 10 AM after I successfully downloaded the needed software. It was amazing as I see the power of technology while AnyDesk was used. I just watched the actions taken. The Internet connection was sluggish causing added time to finish the project. I was confident that Kuya Paul can successfully change the blog address. We waited for a day to check if the process went good. He messaged me that my site is now viable. I am more optimistic in growing this site. I am very grateful to Kuya for the free service. I just told him that when this blog becomes successful, I will give him a treat. 

My site is still small as I only published few posts. The task that I need to do is to keeping this updated, relevant, meaty, and juicy. I just pray to God that this will last long.

Happy camping!

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