My Smart Fitness Buddy

As a working young professional, I am having a hard time to exercise. It is evident in my latest weight. After my college graduation, I weighed 44 kilos. When I landed a job, I added fats. I am now at 78 kilos. I reached 81 kilos when I was a junior high school teacher. I was alarmed. I had Zumba dance in the afternoon, and I lowered my weight down to 65 kilos.

I got busier in my post- graduate studies and work. I was unable to continue the routine and get the better results. I have a big belly and it is apparent anytime I wear shirts and polo. When I stare at my photos in college, I just feel that I get old and get stout. The defense mechanism I do when people are noticing my body, I just tell them I enjoy eating. I do stress eating. Rice has hypnotic power that it makes me fall under the spell every day. I cannot say no to chips which makes my mouth busy after meals. I have a sweet tooth that makes my struggle insurmountable. This summer, I am the leader in the family in buying various flavors of ice creams. I enjoyed digging Cookies and Cream and Rocky Road. The primary reason why I eat ice cream is to beat the heat, but I think I did the opposite. Sweet foods moved the scale more. **Sigh**

People think I am careless over their remarks, but I also feel worried about myself in terms of weight. Some clothes in my closet are now harder to wear. I am perspiring when I try the apparels, and I feel sad about it. I need to buy another clothes with bigger size. Somehow, I feel regretful about being carefree on maintaining my physique. My goal is now to get back in the track.

I read in an online article that having a buddy can motivate one to get fit. Unfortunately, my friends are not around and my family members are busy in different things. Thanks that I have a partner that can monitor me. My smart fitness buddy is my Huawei Nova 3i. You read it right. This device reminds me to improve my health.

When I received my phone from Globe store December last year, one thing that fascinates me is the Huawei Health app. It records my steps. The default target is to make 10,000 steps a day. Sounds easy? For me, it is a challenge. I have times at school that when I do ancillary tasks like ICT works, I sit down and face the laptop for one to two hours. I need to create big moves for me to sweat. The distance of our building to canteen and principal’s is a blessing in disguise. I walk around the campus, and I really sweat much.

In our first day of classes, my phone is glad to tell me that I reached the set goal for today. As of this writing, I made 11, 047 steps. The screenshot tells further details. 

I am using the app for 179 days. Based on the screenshot, I made 695,010 steps. My burned calories is likened to 86.6 chicken drumsticks. With the numbers recorded by the app, I feel to do more. The app has the capability to track runs and cycles. It can also plan your exercise. I hope I have the time to use these features of the app.

I am glad that smartphones nowadays are used to improve our wellness. The challenge now is how to attain the goals we set in these devices. I know I should not rely always in my device. I need to curb my food intake and live healthy. There are lots of work ahead. 

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