ONGkoleyt: A Sweet Place in Dagupan City

I am studying in Dagupan City for two weeks now. I still familiarizing myself in the place as I am not travelling there usually. I only know few establishments, so I aim to explore the city. Last week, when I was scrolling the news feed of my Facebook account, ONGkoleyt- Dagupan City Branch appeared through a post of my friend. The post displays photos of different chocolate delights being sold. It captured my interest as I have a sweet tooth. I got thrilled when I found out that it is near my school. I promised to myself that I will check out the shop sooner. 

Yesterday, I went to an eatery adjacent to my school to eat my breakfast. I chose sisig as I miss its taste.  When I was about to sit down, my eyes found a treasure. I was facing ONGkoleyt. However, it was not yet opened in the wee hour. It was seven in the morning that moment. I could not wait to see its stuff. It was like suspense. I trod to the school first and planned to go back there during lunch time.
The M & M statues welcomed me there. It was lunch time when I finally entered the shop. It is now popular as people are keep on coming to buy confections. I was like a child looking at the cabinets of chocolates in various flavors, sizes, and shapes. There are also finger foods and chips available. My heart was overjoyed standing there. I had a hard time to decide what to buy as there are many products to choose from. My heart, my mind, and my stomach made my decision- making more difficult. Well, money is also a factor. I was not worried spending as the prices are budget- friendly. The shop says that they have lower prices compared to others. I never regret to splurge as the goodies are in good quality. 

For my first visit (because I will go back for more), I bought Adora sunflower seeds pack for 104 pesos. I love eating sunflower seeds. The challenge of eating a seed is what I like the most. My hands grabbed it well. I know for sure my family likes it too. Our interest in sunflower seeds propagated when my aunt working in Hong Kong went back in the Philippines last January. She brought two bags of sunflower seeds that were easily consumed by the family. Furthermore, I picked a box of Gery Dark Chocolatos Wafer Roll which is 49 pesos. I saw customer buying it. So, I got one. It was my first time to taste it, and I can say it is my new favorite. The delicious taste of the chocolate roll makes me to eat another piece. Lastly, I bought Extra Chewing Gum for 18 pesos. The gum is on sale that time. The on sale products are placed in the central part of the area. 

ONGkoleyt helped me in choosing my pasalubong for my family. If you happen to travel in Dagupan, drop by and avail of their goods. It is located near University of Luzon, Dagupan City. For chocolate lovers out there, this place will make you drool.

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  1. Wow😮nice place sir..its a beautiful place that we can experience in the Philippines.❤️🙂