A Promise | A Visual Poem

Hello, campers.

I have uploaded my first visual poem on YouTube. I really want to produce content in the video sharing site frequently, but I can't because of lack of time. Thank God. We do not have classes today, so I was able to finish a video clip project. I am not good in video editing. I hope you enjoy this simple piece. Watch it on YouTube. Do not forget to subscribe.

A Promise

i promised to myself not to
write poetry anymore
i am sad seeing a beautiful
heart shatters into pieces
my hands tremble picking shards
and get wounded every time
i try to restore the love gem

my poems are depressing clouds
in the summer
they destroy the aura of
people whose sin is to
love unconditionally

i miss how the pen allows itself
to be wrapped by my fingers
the least I can do is to go
away from what i love even
it is painful
this is the way i punish myself
for hurting someone who does
not deserve the torment

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