The Greatest Test of My Life

The leaked examination of Feeling Institute Tawa Academy. Taken from Fita Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: This post is just for fun. Still supporting formal schooling.

When we hear the word “test”, we are anxious about it. Taking it requires preparation. We should spend sleepless nights just to review lessons. No one wants to fail. We wish for easy items. But, as our eyes explore the paper full of questions, we just whisper our prayer. Even that we prepared a lot (but most of the times we do not), we are spared from failing.

We thought that after years of schooling, we are finally from mind- boggling tests. In college, we need to pass the admission test. We need to be included in the cut to pursue higher education. After graduation, those who are yearning for their professional license need to undergo intensive review to pass the licensure exam.  Those who will find company jobs need to answer tests for them to be admitted. Let us accept the fact that we cannot escape tests as life is deemed considered as a long test. It is hard yet unpredictable. We really need to have a strong grip or else we end up weak.

What if there is a school that caters the type of questioning you have been dreaming of. Look no more as Fita launched its Feeling Institute Tawa Academy (FITA). The school which is administered by the dean, Ramon Bautista promises a happy school. Based on the video uploaded on the biscuit’s Facebook page, they are opening the school for people who love to laugh hard. They offer subjects with a twist. If you are venturing to become an influencer, they have photography class focusing on selfie improvement. The Math subject teaches you to say goodbye to your Ex. They also have Computer 101: Building Strategies.

To be part of this exuberant academy, one should take the college admission test. However, the said test was leaked online and it trended online. The viral examination got netizens’ attention because of the items like:

Kapag tumigil si Kara sa paghinga ma-su-suffocate ba si Mia? Magpaliwanag

Ilan ang average number ng “Di Umano” ni Jessica?   

The questions require wittiness. To be a FITAnian, one must be witty and funny. I tried answering the exam. I clicked the link I can’t help but to laugh while testing my luck. It made me alive tonight. It is stress- reliever. I hope I pass the test.

Passed or failed?

For more details, just log- on to your Facebook account, search for Fita and take test. Give it a try. See you in the academy. Hahaha.

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