How to Have Top Nine Photos on Instagram?

In three days, 2019 will end. Another year, another decade will have curtains down. As we look forward on 2020, it is the right time to reminisce the memorable events that transpired the whole year around. One way to do it is through checking out photos.

Before, people gather in the living room to open photo albums. Gone are those days. Now, we just swipe on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms to look back on the uploaded photos. Not only that. We can also revisit the comments of our friends about our selfies, group pictures, family pictures, travel, milestone, etc. etc.

Good thing that Facebook has Memories that pop up reminding us photos uploaded a year ago or years ago. I find it beneficial as there are things that I do not remember. My mind is wired up with lots of things. Thanks, Facebook.

On the other hand, your pictures on Instagram can be more “feeling sentimental”. For the past years, local and international celebrities do a collage of top nine most- liked photos on their IG accounts. I was wondering how they do that. My curiosity does not go up as I am not much active on the said platform not until now. My account has increased number of posts this year. That’s why I decided to have my top nine photos.

I searched online on how to make it happen. On the first search result, Top Nine for Instagram- Best of 2019 appeared. I clicked that and here is what I learned about the site:

It was launched three years ago; and

It has now a new offer called Top Nine Video. You need to pay for this offer. 

Now, how to figure out your Top Nine Instagram photos? Here are the few steps:

  1. Enter your username on Instagram. Press continue.
  2. Enter your email address. Press Find My Top Nine.
  3. You have the option to download it directly or customize the grid. In customize, you can include stats and figures on likes per post. Once done in customizing, you can download it.

It will just take you few seconds of waiting. The pictures will appear in a grid format or you can access the result in your email.

On the site, it will cater you the photos and the stats. Look on the result of my inputs:

This year, I made 42 posts, amassing 396 likes having an average of 9 likes per post.

The downloaded file can be cropped or edited on your phone. In just quick easy steps, you can inform your followers about your most- liked photos on IG.

I wish you of more photos in 2020. Keep uploading.

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