The Gifts I Received This Christmas

This was written December 25, 2019. I was not able to update my blog that time. My rhinitis triggered.

I should have posted this earlier today, but I spent my morning and afternoon sleeping (and eating as well). I just need rejuvenation. After the noche Buena, I listened to many songs on YouTube. It is my way to lull myself to sleep. However, it did not put me to sleep early. I stopped listening at 2 AM. I only had three hours of sleep as I heard my sister typing something on her laptop.

I went back to my bed at 8:00 and woke up 9:20 in the morning. I washed the utensils to reheat spaghetti (national food during noche Buena). That served as my lunch.  I slept again at 2 PM. At four PM, I woke up and had the enthusiasm to write for my blog.

In this post, I want to share the gifts I received this Christmas. Let us be honest. We anticipated this part in celebrating this season especially if you participated in draw lots. This year, I joined three draw lots of three classes in the senior high school for I am not a class adviser. We also had our draw lots of teachers. And, I joined the draw lots of the young people in our church. Actually, I should not be part of that group because of my age. However, my name was included in the young adults. Well, it is favorable for me. Haha. I am not yet ready to be called “adult”. Haha.

This year, I received two shirts, bond paper, towels from school. I am happy with those stuff especially the bond paper. My request to those who drew my name that I prefer to receive school supplies. Whatever people give, it is all right for me. My problem on the shirts is the size does not fit me. I am planning to give the one shirt to my relative for it to be utilized. I hope that the person who gave it to me will understand this process.

This sounds bias, but the best I had this year is from the church. I was not able to get it personally as I accompanied my mother going home. My sister gave it to me. It was beautifully wrapped. My name was written, but the name of the giver was missing. The mystery got intensified.  When I opened it, I was really surprised. Inside of the bag were a devotion book and a watch. I said to myself, “This is too much.” I immediately took a picture of the wonderful gift and posted on Instagram. Few moments later, someone replied on my post. It was my high school student before who thought of giving the stuff.

I am very grateful about the gifts I received from joining draw lots and on unexpected times. I was also surprised about my co- teacher who gave things to us during the year- end party in our school, I received Bench Atlantis Body Spray and chocolates. I joked that maybe I need to use the spray because I have a foul smell. We laughed out loud about it. Receiving gifts unexpectedly is heart melting.

Thank you for the presents. Thank you for spending your time, energy, and money for these things. May God bless you more and your family.

To all, we must be thankful on what we receive or even we do not receive anything. Having Christ in our life is the greatest gift God gave to us. Let us put in our minds having this holiday is not concentrating on gifts. Appreciate what we have and try to help others who are needy. To my readers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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