'Tis the Season of Reading

Christmas Day is for children. Aside from their birthdays, this is one of their most anticipated celebrations yearly. Why? They receive goodies and different stuff like toys of various size and colors. This season is adventure for them as some play hide and seek with their godparents. The ninongs and ninangs are shaking.

It is now a culture to give something to inaanak. It is a challenge for me every year to think about what to give to my godchildren. I just want kids to be happy this season. In the early years of being a ninong, I am giving cash to them. I was busy those times that I ended up giving ampaw to the kiddos. Last year, I was able to buy toys in a stall in our town market. I bought robots, superheroes, and dolls. I think that they enjoyed playing with those gifts.

Honestly, I have low percentage of delight to what I gave last year maybe because I am not fond of toys. This year, when September came in, I thought of something to bestow which is I am interested in. Light bulb sparkled and I firmly said to myself that I will purchase books for my godchildren.
I had moments of doubt before I made the decision. I was worrying about their reactions. The excitement level of my inaanak might drop like the temperature in Baguio (I love to go there but I do not have money. To the person reading this, help me to get there. Baka naman.). The children might not like the idea. If I give toys to them anew, they will just play it for few months. I want something that will last forever. The knowledge they gain from reading books will make them good in schooling. I shrugged off negativities and I was determined to pursue my plan.

I waited for my bonus. Fortunately, National Bookstore Sale happened last November. I got the news from the store’s Facebook page. The bonus day came. After attending my Saturday class, I immediately went to CSI Dagupan. It has the bookstore branch. I am meticulous in choosing books. The buying that time was strenuous. I need to select books according to age or reading level of the recipients. Good to know that the books have age range indicators. I bought five books for 480 pesos. I saved around 300 pesos. That was one of my longer stay in a bookstore. I really enjoyed checking shelf one at a time.

I divulged the presents in the early part of the month. Here is my post.

To all my inaanak,

Your ninong is a teacher and he fervently promotes the love for reading.
When the news about the sale of books in National Bookstore last month appeared on my news feed, I was excited to buy presents. I rummaged the shelves for children's books and I found these.

I am happy to be part of your development. Together, let us establish good reading comprehension level. Happy reading.

P. S.
When you reach high school, you will receive dictionary.
#NinongDuties #BawatBataBumabasa

My kumares were happy about the post. They are excited to read the books to their children. On the other hand, my friends on Facebook are calling me instant “Ninong”. The presents are wrapped and ready to release. To my inaanak, Merry Christmas. Love reading as much as I do.

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