Bye, Bye Champ Burger

A heartbreaking and stomach- churning gastronomic drama just happened in the earlier part of this new decade. Jolibee released a statement on its social media accounts today about its Champ burger that confirmed some news about the said product. It is now phasing out the mouth- watering burger variants.  Here is the complete announcement:

Released statement of Jolibee regarding with the phasing out of Champ burger. Downloaded from Jolibee Facebook account. 

It is indeed a sad news. I am lucky for trying it before it will be gone in all its stores. To pay tribute to the Champ before it retires, I decided to write a recount about my experience.

When I was having my practice teaching, one of the teachers in our cooperating school shared his experience when he received his salary for the first time. He told us that the first thing he did was he went to Jolibee and ordered Jolibee Champ burger. He was a happy narrating that moment. He reminded me and my fellows to give ourselves a treat. That day, I swore to myself that I will do the same.

I was hired in 2015, but I had to wait for five months to withdraw my salary. It was the first week of January 2016 when I visited Jolibee Alaminos. After all the hard work and lengthy of waiting for the fruits of my sleepless nights, I had the moment to make my dream come true. I ordered a Super Meal, and the regular cheeseburger. Based on what I remember, the price of the burger with drink was 147 pesos. At the spur of the moment, it was pricey. I did not care about the price. I paid and trod to the second floor of the store.

My mouth had no mercy with the burger. After eating the super meal which was a heavy lunch for me, I immediately eat the Champ burger. The smell was different compared to regular Yumburger. I really seized the moment. The first bite was heaven. The cheese and the 1/3 pound burger patty were my favorite. I am not used to love tomatoes in a burger, but I appreciated it with the the lettuce. It was one of the best dining experiences I had in the popular fast food chain the country. It was rare and precious as I do not have the money before to try it. That moment cannot be duplicated anymore as Jollibee decided to phase out the burger. It was the first and last. So sad.

However, the company stated in the last part of the statement that Champ burger might return in the future. Hoping for that comeback.

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