Tips in Writing "My Christmas Vacation" Essay

Christmas vacation will have its curtain down. The learners will go back to their academic battles. Maybe you are wishing to the stars to extend it, but not all things last forever. Start waking up early. Days will be getting busier.

I bet that you cannot move on about the rest days you spent. These are the things that you will first share to your friends, and your teacher as well.

When I was still a student, one of the things we usually do during the resume of classes is writing. And, holiday break is one of the topics we need to write. It is like a routine that we need to do. Well, it is an undying task, a cliché. Nonetheless, it is still a good writing task.

I know you are anticipating that you will have this task in the first day of your class. Fret no more. I am here to guide you. Welcome to this tutorial. At the end of the session, you will be confident in scribbling your My Christmas Vacation essay. You will have a knack in doing this task.

Write an eye- catching introduction.

Try to hook your teacher by writing about the overall atmosphere of your holiday vacation. Tell if it is the most memorable Christmas vacation ever or tell if it is simple. You need to set the tone first of your narrative.

Go for details.

Have a sequential or chronological order of narrating the events. Tell things one at the time. Be organized. Tell your Simbang Gabi moments. Write when you visited places. Be a storyteller by using transitional devices. Make sure that the flow of your essay is smooth.

Attack the senses.  Use adjectives well. It will help you enhance imagery.

Do not just say that your family had noche buena. Give the food that you ate and describe them. For example:

We ate crispy and juicy lechon. After that, we had the sweet graham cake decorated with fruit cocktail.

Do not just tell you receive gifts. Be specific. Mention you receive a red body towel, a small picture frame, papaya soap, and a blue toothbrush. (Those are not part of your wish list.)

State a contemplation/ reflection as a conclusion.

You will win the heart of your teacher if you inject a reflection at the ending of your essay. Christmas season is the time for contemplation of what happened throughout the year. It is the time to reflect on the things that passed by. Give the lesson you learned. Impart how the season affected you. This will make your essay heartwarming.

Tell me if this is useful. Be confident tomorrow. Happy writing.

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