Julie Anne’s Isang Gabi Official Music Video Now on YouTube

Universal Records released the official music video of Isang Gabi by Julie Anne San Jose at exactly 12 noon today, January 12. The Asia’s Pop Diva collaborated with singer- songwriter Rico Blanco.

The said music video premiered on MYX yesterday. I was not able to watch it, so I kept on checking it out on YouTube until the recording company stated that it will be shown in their channel. I did not rush to our dining area just for it (that fanboying moment).

The first part of the material is mystic. There is the clip of a forest area, balcony, and façade of a church that appeared in black and white. The sound, seeing Julie in different scenes, and Sir Rico wearing black suit, gave me goosebumps. The level of excitement went higher.

In the music video, Julie is portraying a character of a woman who loves a man, but their relationship is untimely as the latter is going to marry someone else. The story is told in the perspective of a person who happens to be the third party. This is verified based on the Making of Isang Gabi video wherein Julie and Rico revealed what is the song all about. JAPS said that is very sad song. The video confirmed it. There was agony, there was begging. Julie effectively breathed the character. 

Based on my observation, Rico’s character is like a witness or the conscience. He saw everything the bitter and tormenting experiences of the woman whose sin is loving someone in a desperate situation (Aww!). Asking for one night is a painful relief. 

The song is really a masterpiece. Julie sang it well. It is heartbreaking. The lyrics permeate to the heart and soul. 

The six- minute video is really puzzling. The song is intelligently done as well as the music video. Thank you, Rico for making a quality song for Julie. You brought out the best of her.

Congratulations, Julie. You are versatile. You never failed to amaze me. #YesToJulie

Catch now the MV on YouTube.     

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