It's Data Privacy Day

I bet that part of your morning rituals when you wake up is checking your phone particularly your social media accounts. I am guilty about this. Well, it is a routine of millennials like me.

This morning, Facebook greeted me its announcement. The giant social media platform told me that it's Data Privacy Day. Here is the snipped version of it.

I underwent privacy checkup. Here's the next thing appeared on my screen.

For the privacy checkup, Facebook aids you on tweaking the settings of your account. It will enlighten you on who can see what you share, how to keep your account secure, and the like. Because I only have limited time to undergo the process, I just chose the keeping of account security.

In the process, it prompted reminders in using password. Facebook notified me that I have a strong password.

On the other hand, I have not turned on login alerts. I need to replace my email addresses as those are not inaccessible anymore. I forgot the passwords (sign of aging). Anyway, it is a good thing that social media companies like Facebook are doing their best to make our accounts safe. Dwelling in the online world is enjoying. But, when you forget to safeguard your gallivanting, your privacy might be compromised.

As social media users, it is our responsibility to manage our accounts well. We should practice netiquette. Using strong password is not enough. We should know where to log in and where to log out. My first account on FB was hacked. Fortunately, my account was just starting. It has no pictures that time. I have my friend's account got hacked. It was a nightmare. I was nervous that my account will be targeted next. Again, we have responsibility to fulfill as users of these social networking sites. I hope you check your accounts now for your security.

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