Leap Day: Extra Day of the Year

Aside from the palindrome date (02/02/2020), February is very special this year has it has a leap day. Year 2020 is a leap year. It has an extra day. This occurs every four years. The next leap year will be 2024.

How is this possible? Based on what I learned from geography and science subjects when I was elementary, a revolution of the earth around the sun is equivalent to 365 and one- fourth days. For four revolutions, an additional day will be formed. Based on Google Doodle, the leap day is formulated to keep calendars aligned with the earth and sun.

This year, leap day falls on Saturday. You have a bonus in a weekend. You have a day to do what you want. How did you spend this day?

Me? I went to Dagupan City for my schooling. Still, a busy day for me. I am beginning writing my thesis. There will be sleepless nights again (I should not be bothered about this as I always sleep late at night finishing works).

Anyway, for those who were born on this date, happy birthday. You are lucky as you grow old every four years. It is a usual joke that if your birthday is on February 29, you just celebrate your natal day every leap year. Celebrators are teased to prepare more foods , and complimented for staying young.

Hoping that you enjoyed this very special day. Happy weekend.

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