In the World of TikTok

Screenshot of TikTok Tutorials account. What is the meaning of this? Am I going to release my first TikTok video. Convince me more.

Do you feel strange every time you see people especially the teenagers dancing in front of their phones or doing different facial reactions? You see lots of them on the streets, fast food chains, parks, and other establishments moving funny or "weird". Do you feel bothered as they multiply? Don't be. They are just under the spell of TikTok. 

Tik... What? Not familiar about it? It is a mobile app that allows you to record short video clips. It existed last August 2018 as fusion of, and Douyin, both lip- synching apps. The former was bought by ByteDance, a Chinese tech company which owns the latter mobile app (Source: Teen Vogue website). 

I remember that when the app was launched in the Philippines, Maine Mendoza became the app ambassador. Mendoza became a rising star in the country because of Dubsmash, also a lip- synching app. Her personality is suited to TikTok as she loves making funny videos. That year, Filipinos started to create content in the said platform. 

The popularity of the app is phenomenal. It is true as I see my learners doing lots of videos. There are times that I caught them in the act of dancing during break time. They are promoting their accounts saying that I need to follow them. And, they are also challenging me to have a video on that app. As a person who is introvert and shy, I do not have the confidence to do that. 

Anyway, their clamor made me to explore TikTok. I already downloaded the app last year, but I do not have the interest yet to explore it. I decided to check it as I need to update myself on what is happening online as I am teaching Media and Information Literacy. One of the types of media that I need to teach is motion media. TikTok falls on it. I checked how the app works. 

TikTok works by using music, filters, and effects. You can record 15 seconds up to 60 seconds video. There are challenges that you can do like #HandsChallenge which you need to imitate hand emoji. You can do lip- synching of lines from TV or movie. My advice is you need to have confidence. I admire the people there who are brave to create content. I just prefer to be an audience. 

I started following personalities. I saw many local artists doing videos like Heart Evangelista, vloggers Benedict Cua and Mimiyuuuh, Prima Donnas stars' Althea Ablan, Sofia Pablo, and Aiko Melendez. They are enjoying the app. They just make fun of themselves. Just like EA Guzman who danced #SabiKoNaBarbie challenge. 

If you are not fond of comical videos, there are accounts that show various videos. I followed SeanDoesMagic and Guiness World Records. I am amazed on their content. I also followed Roger Beker who was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. He does effort to make his videos powerful. Keep it up, sir. 

For some, they look at doing TikTok videos weird. But, I understand why there are people who loves TikTok. It is their outlet to get loose. They use the app to feel happy. Aside from that, the app can also form friendship. For the artists, they can reach out to their fans. 

In the TikTok world, you can show your different side. You can show your creativity. My advice is just use it properly. There are challenges that put TikTok users into danger. Like what I am telling to my students, record videos by observing netiquette and safety.  

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