CSI City Mall Dagupan Treats Mall Goers Through "Love for All"

CSI City Mall Dagupan prepared sweet and romantic treats to its loyal mall goers through Love for All. Based on the tarpaulins displayed in the establishment, there are activities and promos the mall people will surely enjoy this season of hearts. 

This afternoon, the atmosphere of the place was filled with music as a band sang songs tackling different sides of love. I was eating my lunch that time when they started performing. Their voices are pleasant to the ears. I love the way they made rendition of Especially for You by MYMP. They captured the attention and the hearts of their spectators as they belted Filipino songs. The way they delivered Binalewala was really heartbreaking. I enjoyed chewing my food. I want to watch them for longer time, but I do not have enough time as I need to catch the trip going to my town which is two hours away from the city of milkfish. 

Love Band is the first gift of CSI which there is a scheduled local band daily to serenade people. Each band performs in the Love Park located at the ground floor. Love Park is another present of the mall where people can take selfies with red flowers forming the word love as background. Very instagrammable. 

Aside from these gimmicks, the customers can win a date. They need to follow the mechanics. Of course, the shoppers are the happiest creatures in the world as discounts are given to them. 

Good job and thank you, CSI. Your ways of making people enjoy the love month are really commendable. 

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