Sounds Confusing or Sounds Familiar? Listening to Recent Songs in 80s Vibe

Last Friday night, I searched on YouTube songs to relax my mind. I checked the recommendations. I kept on scrolling up to find a song which gives me a tormenting mood (feeling like emo). Suddenly, a strange thumbnail appeared on screen. I saw Gotye featuring Kimbra singing the song "Somebody That I Used to Know" in 1988. What? How it became possible? My fingers impulsively touched the image. There I watched the two singers in a concert staged in 80s. The Alphaweb channel presented video clips in the retro decade. It was bizarre at the same time entertaining. I love it. 

As a child raised by parents who turn on the radio during Sundays, I became in love with the songs of 80s. The beat is distinct. One can really feel the passion of the music makers in the song. The singers absolutely put you in different situations, in different emotions. Even that I was born in 90s, it feels like I am familiar in the time where neon colors, spray nets, people in fitness attire, and colorful graphics are prevalent. Thus, seeing Gotye releasing his pain in 80s is like really unusual. Sound confusing? 

I made a little research about the clips I watched. I found out the videos were compiled and treated in vintage way. And, the song was made by Tronicbox. The song is given a classic twist. This is a great creativity. We are not lost on YouTube. We are in the right  dimension of the video sharing site. 

I rummaged other videos and I found some of my favorite songs have retro version. Have you imagined Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez contemplating over cold relationship which there is no conversation in 80s? Here is the remix version of their collaboration, "We Don't Talk Anymore". 

How about Dua Lipa reminding herself what to do and not to do while dancing in her colorful aerobic clothes? Here is a video of her song "New Rules". 

Who would have thought that Ed Sheeran narrates his love story while playing his old guitar? YouTube has it. Here is "Shape of You" in 80s. 

The comments section are very entertaining. There are people stating that they used to hear the songs in their prom or date. Some related their heartbreaking stories as they remember the songs. People there are awesome. 

Having these online made me to love Sundays more than I do. Hoping that there are lots of like these stuff. 

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