Maine Mendoza and Gracenote's Parang Kailan Lang Music Video Premieres on YouTube Today

Before she was the hilarious girl we loved on Dubsmash, an app that allows one to do lip sync of a scene from a movie or a video material. Now she is the girl that can lead a rock band performance. The coronavirus disease cannot stop Maine Mendoza from shining as Parang Kailan Lang music video released 12 noon today, March 27, 2020. Her collaboration with OPM band Gracenote became possible under Universal Records Philippines.

Last Friday, March 20, the record label released the official lyric video of the song. When I heard it for the first time, I cannot stop myself in giving compliments about Maine's singing. She sounds angelic. The way she performed the piece is relaxing even that the lyrics are poignant, heartbreaking. The song is all about the girl reminiscing the good times with someone in the past. In Filipino term, it is mapanakit. Aww!

I went back to YouTube several times that day as I got hooked. The song has LSS vibes. I always check the Universal Records PH channel when the music video is available. After a week of waiting, the recording company premiered it on noontime.

Throughout the music video, I just get mesmerized with Maine's presence. Her eyes are expressive. Her way of portrayal makes one to relate in the situation of how the past haunts painfully. Good job to the creative team for coming up with music video. It was beautifully done. Analyzing the video, the scenes and actions presented have something to do about dealing with relationship. The movement of the train symbolizes moving on. The thread tied on the finger symbolizes the broken promises that are flashing back. The aisle with colorful doors can be associated to the colorful memories two people in love shared before. The releasing of balloon is likened to forgetting the past completely and continue living the life.

I appreciate Maine's singing with the band. She was confident. She can definitely render a band performance. I love seeing her pouring her heart out while drums, guitars, and keyboards are played. Eunice of Gracenote said in the YouTube channel of her band, she is happy that Maine really knows her music direction.

The debut single of the Phenomenal Star and Eat Bulaga! host has been dominating music charts. Her song landed number 1 in the All- Genres and Pop charts of iTunes Philippines when it was released.
I can say that the launching of Maine's video gives a sign of relief in this difficult time. She is like an angel telling me not to panic, just stay calm. Congrats, Maine.

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