Ligo Sardines Serving Witty Wallpapers for our Phones

Screenshot of my phone with the lock screen of Ligo. 

It started with a recommendation, Ligo responded. The sardines brand, that has captured the stomachs and hearts of the netizens with its clever way of responding on social issues online, served "delicious" treats for our phones.

On the official Twitter account of Ligo, it tweeted about its gratitude to @naaathanielll about the recommendation of making home screen and home screen wallpapers. The tweet was accompanied with the images free for download and use. The lock screen shows a hand holding an unopened can of  Ligo Sardines with Tomato Sauce original flavor in a green background. The home screen displays the can opened. The actions showed in the graphics can be likened to opening a phone. Very creative!

Screenshot of my phone using home wallpaper of Ligo.

I immediately downloaded the materials. I applied them on my phone and gladly broadcast it quickly on my Facebook account. When I checked the notifications about my post, I noticed that I did the wrong way. I used the lock screen as my home wallpaper. Because of my excitement, I made a mistake on using the wallpapers. I fixed them. My FB friends did not observe my erroneous usage of the materials or maybe they do not want to feel embarrassed. I also tweeted the transformation of my device on Twitter and Ligo retweeted it. 

I did it wrongly. Sorry. 

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