Writing is Life

I do love writing. When I was a child, I voraciously read history books of my father, newspapers, and English textbooks that contain numerous stories. I told myself that someday my name will be printed on books and newspapers together with my articles and stories. From that point, I became interested on writing. During my elementary days, I am very happy writing essays and formal themes. There are essay writing contests those times, but I concentrated in joining quiz bees. When I set my feet in high school, I started my intense flexing of my writing muscles. I tried winning essay writing contests and I was able to win in journalism contest outside the school.

Writing became my bread and butter when I studied in college. I had my scholarship as a journalist and as an essayist. This gift from God helped me to reach my dreams. I can say that this is a great advantage that I used in applying for a job. Now that I am a teacher, I want to impart to my learners how lovely to have writing skills that are usable for lifetime. Currently, I am teaching writing subjects and I am a school paper adviser.

Even that I am busy at work, I am trying my best to write for me to improve my craft and to earn money. Yes, earn. There are lots of people who are paid to write and there are writers who receive money after their writings are published in different media.

There are sites that accept original written works. I submitted three articles under Claire Delfin Media. My first article was a qualifier for their writing contest. Unfortunately, I did not win the prize. I learned that they are accepting contributions. I tried again and my two works were published. I earned 300 pesos per article. So, I have 600 pesos in my bank account. I started to be enthusiastic about writing for their site. However, their site has been down for several months. I hope they could restore it fast.

I am looking for sites where I could showcase my writing career. For the meantime, I am maintaining this blog and I hope it will feature several topics in the next few months. Moreover, I write poems on my Twitter account and Mirakee. This summertime, I will start writing on my Webnovel account. I installed the app on my phone and I am studying it before launching my very first web novel. Sounds exciting.

The factors that may affect my writing pursuit this year are procrastination and hectic schedule. I need to have a better writing schedule for me to realize my dreams. You cannot take away writing in my life. Indeed, writing is life. I will not be tired buying notebooks and pens. I will make my laptop active day and night just to create my masterpiece. I pray to God that all these will happen soon. I also pray that there will be learners of mine who will be writers in the future. 

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