I Love You 3000 | An Appreciation Post

Hello, campers!

It is now thirtieth day of this month. The home quarantine is an immense challenge to hurdle. Boredom really strikes. All of us are doing various ways to fight it. My way of resistance is to watch TV shows, attend webinars, and of course writing. This blog site become more active than before. It will celebrate its second year of existence in the blogosphere in December yet it has only more than fifty blog entries. My goal before was I am going to write at least one post a week. So, in a year I would have 52 entries. However, I got busy. When I feel tired, I do not have the appetite to write. And, I am procrastinating. That is perennial enemy before boredom. I lost the chance to type in my experiences vibrantly because of it. I was not able to tell things relevant in those times. The result is this blog is unproductive. Now, staying at home gives me the chance to catch up. I really need to spend this period wisely. 

Aside from achieving the set number of posts target, I am celebrating another milestone. Two days ago, I saw the stats of this site with 2900+ views. I am not good in statistics. Thanks to Google Analytics. I was able to analyze the movement of the figures of my blog. I concluded that my site will have its 3000 views on or before April 30. It is nice to visualize 3000 on 30. However, the number I wish to get did not happen on my target date. It was achieved earlier. 

Yesterday night, I checked my blog before sleeping. The normal checking turned to be a surprise for me. It hit 3000 views. The number is exact. I was happy that I posted it on Facebook My Day. I am thankful that people choose to go to my site even I am just an ordinary blogger. Thank you so much. I wrote this post to say that I am grateful. You are part of this success even it is small. This achievement pushes me to write more. I will just enjoy this online journey. Someday, this site will be big. There is no wrong in dreaming. Every famous blogger started in scratch. I will work more to make this site as a place where people can enjoy. 

I love you 3000. This gives me Iron Man feels. Thank you. 

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