Give Virtual Hugs and Show Love Online with Facebook Care Emoji and Messenger Heart Updates

Snipped image of Facebook update. 

Upon reading the tweet of  Alexandru Voica on Twitter dated April 17, 2020 about the launching of the new care reactions on Facebook and Messenger, I am constantly checking the two apps on my phone. Voica mentioned that the updates would roll up a week after the announcement. My fingers are excited to use the two emoji. Three days before April ended, I saw posts of my friends receiving care reaction. I was really envious about it that I kept on pressing react buttons hoping the two would appear on screen. 

On April 30, I tried to press the heart react on Messenger. A message popped out. It is the answer I waited for more than two weeks. The update for the heart emoji became available for my phone. After receiving it, you know what happened. I utilized the new heart numerously. Yesterday, Facebook finally added the seventh react button when I was using the platform on my laptop. I updated the app on my phone through Google Play. I think it is my most used button for the past hours. 

Screenshot from my phone. 

Why the social media giant augmented a new reaction button and transformed the heart button on its messaging app?

Based on the Voica's tweet, the reactions were concocted as our means to support one another during the coronavirus pandemic. In his thread, Voica told that the care reaction can be use to react to posts, comments, images, videos, and other content posted on Facebook site and on app. On the other hand, the heart reaction on Messenger is pulsating in the new update. To get the new appearance of the reaction, he instructed to press and hold down the heart reaction to have it. 

With these updates, we can cheer others virtually. These are spirit boosters in this time of uncertainty. Thanks, Facebook for these latest development. 

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