Long Hair Challenge During Home Quarantine

It is the twenty- fifth day of the enhanced community quarantine. Honestly, I revisited news about when this policy was implemented because I lost the count. I stopped counting how many days had passed by after March 31. It is now almost a month now since the authority asked us to stay at home unless we need to attend to urgent matters like buying food from the markets and stores and medicines.

Coronavirus pandemic really disrupted the normalcy of life. Some establishments temporarily stopped their operations including the barber shops. Because of this, a problem for men existed: long hair.

The last time I went to the barber shop was February 29, 2020. I still remember that date as it was the last time I traveled. After attending my master's degree class, I decided to have my haircut. I used to attend tonsorial ministry monthly. It is like I give my hair a 30- day period growing before being sentenced by razor, scissors, and comb. Aside from using facial wash products, having a good hairdo makes me to look good. 

I am patronizing The Barber's Barber in Dagupan City for a year now. It has its area at CSI The City Mall Lucao. For two hundred twenty pesos (Php 220), you can have best haircut. Aside from that, you can have free head and back massage and a sort of face cleaning. The price is so worth it. It is my way to pamper myself after a month of stress at work.

My last haircut before ECQ. Free to bash. 

When I heard the idea of lockdown, I mulled for having my hair trimmed. However, I was not able to do so as I was busy preparing exams and computing grades of my students. Truly, March is an action- filled month.

Now I am contemplating if I would just do it alone. But, it would be disastrous. For the meantime, I will just let my hair grow. After the quarantine maybe I am the fifth member of F4.

**Oh, baby, baby
My baby, baby**

There are different challenges trending online. I saw long hair challenge for guys. It says in the post, no one will have a haircut and shaving of beard. I am accepting it. I created this post as a reminder for me that I participated in the challenge. After a year, it will be a good thing to reminisce that once in my life, I appeared like this.

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