Viral star Pikotaro reminds us to wash our hands in redesigned PPAP song

Do you still remember the Japanese man wearing animal print clothes and singing pen, pineapple, and apple in his music video? It was 2016 when singer, Pikotaro went viral as he made the world sing Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song. It was a dance craze her in our country that even Bubble Gang star and comedy genius, Michael V spoofed it.

As various countries suffer from the coronavirus disease pandemic, the comedian redesigned his famous song to practice proper handwashing. Health authorities have been vocal about the importance of washing our hands as the virus can be transmitted when we do hand shakes or when we hold objects that public also use like door knobs. The virus enters our body through eyes, nose, and mouth that one usually touches.

In the video uploaded on his YouTube account last April 5, 2020, Pikotaro stated the use of soap in doing thorough handwashing. This kind gesture is what we need now. Thanks that the artist utilized the medium to educate everyone about this powerful hygiene practice. He urged everyone to pray for all and for peace. At the end, the Internet sensation is optimistic that we will win the battle against the health crisis.

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