No COVID-19 positive jokes this April Fool's Day

Screenshot of Mayor Vico Sotto's tweet about COVID-19 joke. 

It is the first day of the month of April. You woke up seeing your Facebook news feed about your friends having pregnancy result but you know that person just conceived her baby months ago. You ask yourself if it is true. You quickly chatted her, saying congratulations. Your friend sent laughing emoji. Guess what? You were fooled. You just realized that you are in a prank as the world is celebrating April Fool's Day. 

How are you? How many times are you fooled with jokes and pranks today? Some people maybe rolling on the floor, laughing as they successfully accomplished their April Fool's Day joke. In my case, I am only victimized once today by my co- teacher. For that, I became vigilant as I browse my social media accounts. I do not want to be a laughing stock. It is all right to have fun as a way of comforting ourselves in this hapless situation, but you should not go beyond the limit. You should not mock that you are a COVID- 19 positive as the authorities will not find it ridiculous. 

In a tweet of Earth Shaker PH, it reminded the netizens yesterday that telling others that you got the contagious virus will never be a good joke. Pasig mayor Vico Sotto commented on it saying that the people who will joke about it will stay in the isolation facility for 14 days. As usual, some of his followers teased him like it is okay for them to be isolated as long as he accompanies them. 

Well, COVID-19 is never and will be never something to laugh about. Let us take it seriously. We need to stay at home, take care of ourselves, and pray for out frontliners. After this pandemic, we will have time to share funny stories with our distant loved ones and friends. 

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