It's Siesta Time

If yesterday was a normal day, I had finished presenting my thesis proposal in my master’s degree. But due to coronavirus, I did not left my house. Even that I am an introvert, I miss the morning rush going to the city which is more than two hours away from my residence. For almost a year, I only have few hours from Fridays to Sundays as I need to travel in wee hours to reach the graduate school where I enrolled. As a working adult, getting eight hours of sleep is very impossible except summer vacation as schools are closed. By the way, I am senior high school teacher. Instead of doing summer escapades, I prefer to sleep. Indeed, sleeping is very important for me.

As we are required to stay at home, most of us have this common routine: wake up, eat, watch TV, use phone, sleep. Oops! These are not my activities yet. I am still working from home. During weekdays, we, the teachers are virtually checking school forms. As my ancillary tasks, I do the updating of status of one hundred sixteen senior high school learners in the Learner Information System. I also write for the school’s website. Maybe, you think that I am defensive. I just wrote what I am doing as there people on Facebook are looking for us, the teachers in this critical time. They are requesting that we should be in the front line. It is so sad that there are some who rant things like this online. Inasmuch as we want to help authorities in the outside world, we are advised by the department where we belong to be in the confinement of our homes. For those people, do not worry. We are working based on the mandate given to us. And, I also do my part as a citizen. I contribute articles to the Facebook news page of our local government regarding with the pandemic.

Yesterday, after eating lunch, I opted to sleep. To make things clear, it was Saturday. I did not break any rule in my work. My mother unrolled the buri mat on the floor of our living room. I got my pillow and joined here. She begged for me to stay in my room as she cannot sleep because I snore loudly. Well, I insisted. I just did siesta.

What is that? Siesta is sleeping in the afternoon. Spaniards influenced us. Nations that were conquered by Spain have this in their lifestyle. Well, who does not want to take a nap during the scorching hours of the day? Before, Spaniards allow the farmers to sleep in the afternoon as working during the hottest part of the day is difficult. For the parents, they tell to their children that sleeping in the afternoon makes them to grow taller. And, if you made them angry, they use siesta as a punishment. During childhood days, we refuse to sleep in the afternoon. I want to play with my neighbors. I decried the use of sleeping as way of disciplining. Now, I realize that what I thought as a “punishment” is a reward. I should have took those chances as opportunities. I just miss those days when you are asked just to sleep.

In this precarious situation, take the time to take siesta. We are lucky that we have the chance to sleep while our medical and authority front liners cannot enjoy resting because of their duties. By doing siesta, we save lives. But, do not just sleep at your home. Try to help in the house chores, do your hobbies, and have family bonding. Hoping that things will go back to normal. Hoping that when we wake up after the siesta, the coronavirus is defeated. 

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