Witnessing Zero Shadow Day

Aside from heating up Pangasinan yesterday with the scorching 51 degrees Celsius heat index, the sun showed a beautiful phenomenon at noon. The people of the province were given a chance to behold zero shadow days from May 3 to 5, 2020. The municipalities of Anda, Bani, and Bolinao were able to had the astronomical event in the third and last day. My town was first to experience it before the two remaining towns. I did not waste the chance to see it. Before I narrate my witnessing, let us talk about the zero shadow day. 

Based on a Facebook post on UP Astronomical Society Facebook page dated April 28, 2017, it happens when the sun approaches the zenith. The term zenith in astronomy is the "point on the celestial sphere directly above an observer on the Earth". The definition is taken from Britannica.com. People living in the tropical latitudes can see the phenomenon twice a year. During the day, an object or a person can have almost to no shadow at all under the sun. 

After watching Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones and two undersecretaries of the Department of Education on Laging Handa public briefing, I turned off my laptop and left it to prepare for the subjects that I will utilize for the activity. I am no science major teacher, but I love to know and witness astronomical happenings. I remember my elementary days when I was still a Science quizzer. I used to read materials about the universe. I enjoyed observing illustrations of constellations and the solar system. I love to look at the sky during nighttime. Stargazing and moon watching are my ways de- stressing. I was able to witness solar eclipse and sun halo. The sky was friendly that it gave me the opportunity to participate under the sun.

I grabbed an empty pineapple juice can to test the sunlight. Shadow was still cast. I checked my phone and it was two minutes before the expected time. Based on Pangasinan Youth for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Facebook page, Anda would witness it at 11:56 AM. I pitched a small piece of wood, and there was a small portion of shadow. I saw two, green, Indian mangoes on my grandmother's yard. I photographed them to check if they cast shadow. When I was about to leave the area, I saw a plastic, softdrink bottle placed between the big rocks. I placed under the sun, took photos of it. Finally, I got my best pictures. That wow moment was worth the wait. However, I had to endure the heat. I felt like I was grilled. Too hot. 

The universe has things stored for us. Enjoy the marvelous moments this world is giving to us. Hoping the next days are going to be better that we can walk under the sun without mask, without fear, without the deadly virus that has ruined our summer vacation.   

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