You can greet your mom in a creative way this Mother's Day using Google Doodle

Today is Mother's day celebration. It is a day to honor our mothers who selflessly loving us 24/7. It is just to give this day to them as they have made sacrifices for us just to raise us. If its not because of the coronavirus pandemic, families would treat their queens in the fancy restaurants or in the malls to shop for new clothes and shoes or in beauty salons to pamper them and to give them relaxation. The virus does not ebb the love for our supermoms. People have made adjustments just to make this Sunday very special. Some delivered flowers to their mothers as they cannot be at home as community lockdown is imposed. Some called for food delivery and opted to dine at home.

If you have a tight budget, cards and messages are inexpensive yet timeless gifts our mothers will surely accept and cherish. Using coloring materials, paper, scissors, glue, and pen, you can make your mother happy as she reads your touching greetings. If you do not have anything to use and if the stores are far away from your house, worry no more. With the Internet connection and device, you can greet your mom through Google Doodle. 

After taking my siesta, I turned on my computer and surf online for my research paper. When I opened Google Chrome, it presented a new doodle. I clicked and this prompted on my screen:

It is an invitation to craft. I explored it and this appeared:

It is like a canvas that you need to put designs using the objects below. You can choose from hearts, buttons, turtles, flowers, leaves, and macaroni (I am not sure if it is macaroni). Press the object and stamp it. If you want to remove the object, press the undo button. I am not good in arts. I made two designs and I was not satisfied of the outcomes. It seems like a kindergarten can outdo me. I made another design and found it okay. I made a flower garden with dragonflies and hearts. 

Google Doodle offers different ways to send the message. You can post it on Facebook, Twitter, or send it via email. You can also copy the link. For your mother see it, she needs to press the link. On Facebook, she needs to press the GIF image and press the doodle. It will open the crafted design. 

If you have not greet your mother, try to use Google Doodle. Through technology, we can show our love and homage to our beautiful and hardworking moms, mothers, mommies or whatever terms used to address them. 

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