Taylor Swift surprises fans with her album 'evermore'

Taylor Swift has a surprise gift for her fans as she turns 31, the folklore's sister: evermore. Last Thursday night, I took a break from checking papers. I grabbed my phone and scroll my news feed on Facebook. I saw a post on her Facebook page announcing the launching of the album. She told there about her excitement to turn 31 as it is the backward form of her favorite number, 13. This musical treat is her way to help people to cope in this holiday season which is far different the way it is celebrated. The said post is accompanied with a picture of Taylor in the woods and the titles of her thirteen songs and two bonus tracks. In another post, she gladly informed everyone that willow's music video would premiere Thursday midnight (1 PM Philippine Standard Time). She is unstoppable as she released two albums this year. How I wish I could be productive as her especially this quarantine which really made me slow down. 

As a fan, I set a reminder on YouTube. My excitement was like how I waited for 'cardigan'. Taylor really loves to surprise. I am still enjoying folklore, yet another playlist comes unexpectedly. I took screenshots of the premiere. The countdown really triggered the fanboy within me. 

The music video is astonishing and enchanting. Taylor is again bringing us to different places as she pass by different portals just like what is presented in 'cardigan'. The video shows the tale about a woman following a golden string. It led her to the time of her childhood, the time she was chasing her dream as a musician, and meeting someone who captivated her heart. In the end, the string brings her back to present self with the man she loves and living their lives as a couple. I appreciated her craftmanship. She has the passion in her craft. I love the part when Taylor is in the forest wearing a hood witnessing mysterious people, who are also on their hoods, casting spells. On the other hand, seeing Taylor in a glass cage is something deep. The scene implies about fame which people puts someone in a pedestal then they want to see that person based on their own standards making him/ her controlled. 

The lead single is written poetically. The way Taylor sang it is like healing poor souls. The lyrics that caught my attention are the following:

The more that you say, the less I know
Wherever you stray, I follow

I'm like the water when your ship rolled in that night

Life was a willow and it bent right to your wind

She is not just writing songs, she is writing poetry. I wish I could write verses like her. Her ability to write powerful lyrics makes her stunning. Her words allure listeners. 

After watching the video, I had an hour playing the lyric videos. Her other songs are astounding. My Top 5 in this ninth album are as follows:

  1. dorothea
  2. marjorie
  3. willow
  4. long story short
  5. no body, no crime
Indeed, Taylor saves 2020. She is angel alleviating the suffering of everyone in this gloomy year. Thanks, Taylor for uplifting me through your music. 

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