CREW ABOARD: Enjoying the Thrill of Playing 'Among Us'

Screenshot made using my phone. 

After my Work-from-Home duty last Thursday afternoon, I decided to destress by playing a mobile game. I do play games on my phone, but I cannot declare myself as a devoted or passionate gamer. I just play to escape my stressful world. I love playing offline games. I prefer these over online games as I do not want to spend Internet data for this activity. I checked my device for my installed games, and I was like bored on what I stored. So, I thought of downloading an online game. I had few seconds of thinking time about what to play. Something popped up. The word "impostor" was the thing running on my mind. I was having a hard time recalling the game. I was like digging my brain to unearth that. Good thing that I remembered it quickly. My finger tapped Google Play and encode 'Among Us'. When, I saw the graphics of colorful characters, I was right about what the name of game is. I saw it before on social media as many netizens are posting things about it online. I also saw it in one of the YouTube thumbnails of content creator PauLol weeks ago. I was able to try it lately because of multiple tasks I need to fulfill. Downloading it dramatically changed my life full of papers needed to finish. 

I am playing the game for four consecutive days. This blog update is three days late because the time I am planning to write it has been diverted to playing. Sorry. Haha. Indeed, the game is so addicting. You want to try it? Here are things about the game. 

Screenshot from my phone. 

Among Us is a social deduction game that can be played on phone or computer developed by Innersloth. You can play this online or via local WiFi. A game can commence with four to ten players. They can be crewmates or an impostor. In one game, there could be more than one impostor. The objective of the game is to make impostor/s out from the ship for departure. Based on the description from Google Play, it is a game of teamwork and betrayal. 

Screenshot from my phone. 

As part of the crew, you need to accomplish group task or discover the impostor. Based on the preliminaries of the game, a crewmate needs to (a) complete tasks to fill gauge; (b) react to impostor's sabotage; (c) call emergency meeting when impostor found; (d) report dead bodies; and (e) check admin map and security for suspicious activity. If you are killed, it is not the end of the world for you. You can still fulfill tasks as a ghost, but your condition does not allow you to talk until the game ends. This requires teamwork. If you are able to make the ship impostor- free, you win the game. 

If you are the impostor, you need to be cunning in doing your mission. You need to kill the crew members or diminish the numbers of crewmates. You can do this by doing sabotage or deceive other players to vote others out during the discussion. There are also fake tasks you can do in order to blend in.  As an impostor, betrayal is the name of the game. You can work with other impostors to make the task easy. Winning the game as impostor is possible if you are able to sabotage the ship or the number of crewmates cannot outdo the impostor/s. 

As a first timer, I practiced in Freeplay mode. I was clueless if I was doing the right thing. What I realized that time was on how to use the vents. After few minutes, I joined my first public game. The first role I got was a crew. It was full of running. I was like walking in a battleground with bombs exploding at the background. I was not have the full idea how to play. Our crew became victorious as we were able to kick out the impostor. I was not killed (a small victory for me as a beginner). In the second game, I was able to report a dead body. I was able to recognize the impostor in our ship. I got my second victory. When I was about to join my third game, I noticed that I did not put my desired name. I played with Player as my name. I changed it with the feeling of embarrassment as I failed to rename myself. 

My very first victory. 

My very first reporting of dead body. 

In my fourth game last Thursday night, I got very first impostor role. I was nervous that time as I have a fellow doing the same task. I tried not to be caught up. Making alibis is hard as I must not be identified as an impostor. The other impostor was good. He was good in sabotaging and killing. I was ashamed of not doing well in the mission. I was able to contribute to our victory as I was able to kill the last member of the crew. That winning was memorable. I made sure that I was able to have a screenshot of it. 

My first victory as an impostor. 

As I continue playing Among Us, I am familiar with the tasks. During my first time, I was problematic on doing them as I do not have idea about those things. I like uploading files and emptying garbage bins. 

The game is so addicting. Before sleeping, I have to play at least twice. My takeaway of having this on my phone is I need to be careful in dealing with others. This game taught me not to be gullible. I need to be wise in this planet with impostors roaming in places. Moreover, it made me to be mindful about doing the assigned tasks for me. I still make sure I balance my life as I do not want to be eaten by games. I am playing apps during my free time. 

If you are into multiplayer games, give Among Us a try. If you are already playing it, tell your experiences in the comments section. 

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