Katy Perry and Pikachu Team Up for "Electric"

What is like growing up with a Pokemon? What is like having an adorable pocket monster joining you in your way to success? These are things that can be answered when you watch the music video of Katy Perry's latest song "Electric". 

The collaboration of the iconic pop singer and the famous fictional character happened as part of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pokemon. It is nice to see my two favorites present in one project. I am one of the people who are excited for their team up. 

When I scrolled my Facebook news page this morning, I saw a fan page of Katy Perry telling that the music video will premiere at 12 PM, Philippine Time. I went to YouTube and it is true that the video will be available in that time. Katy posted on her Facebook page the teaser of it with a caption about her and Pikachu doing a throwback when they were still Katheryn Hudson and Pichu. In the 27- second clip,  it gives the details about how the young artist found the power of her voice and achieved her dreams. 

I ate my lunch earlier to watch it. While waiting, the Internet signal became poor. The video premiered it and I was satisfied with the result. The video is cute and inspiring. I love how evolution is highlighted as young Katy and Pichu are in one frame with adult Katy and Pikachu. The song is timely as we feel down on what is happening in the world right now. I love seeing Katy in the lighted lighthouse. It is electrifying. 

As a Pokemon fan, I really want to have one. When I was a child, I am dreaming of owning pocket monsters and wishing that they are real. Katy is lucky to be with Pikachu, my favorite Pokemon. My inner Ash is happy. 

Happy anniversary, Pokemon. 

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