I Tried Pomodoro Technique for the First Time. Here is My Experience

The pandemic drastically changed all things in our life. Our of way living was derailed by this health crisis. Adjustments were made including on how we work. As a teacher who is used to face students and stay in the school for eight hours, I had a hard time to adapt in our work arrangement. The first day I had my work- from- home setup, there was awkwardness. Grooming for work became different. I wore casual attire on top, and shorts and slippers below that day. My workplace has a table, chair, and a bed. There is no demarcation line between school tasks and house chores. Kitchen turned as the canteen. 

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As the days passed by, I became dependent on my phone and laptop as tasks are relayed and outputs are submitted. I became knowledgeable in using teleconferencing software applications. I have explored different technology stuff and attended webinars. The pandemic is really a dark time. But, we need to do our best to shine. I can say I learned a lot during the lockdown and with that I can say I tried to let my star shine. However, I can excel when normalcy is restored. I miss joining conferences conducted in big venues with fellow participants sharing what they know. I miss travelling to places to know culture and history. Oh! Good times.

Working is challenging in the time of COVID-19. The scare brought by the virus affects our behavior. Sometimes, we cannot focus on what we are doing. Stress and anxiety make the level of productivity low. We are demotivated. For the past days, I had a feeling that I am not in my best. Yes, I accomplished things and target the deliverables, but I feel like I am underperforming. I want to accomplish more. I asked myself, "Is there something wrong?" After my work yesterday, I saw a Facebook post about time management. I read about the different techniques to increase productivity. What got my attention is the Pomodoro technique. It is about setting time to do a task and take a short break. I said to myself, "It is interesting." 

I was exhausted that I slept early that evening. I had no time to study about the technique. I set an alarm to work at dawn today. I woke up 4:15 in the morning, but I stayed in my bed until 5 PM watching random videos online. I felt my body is tired. While watching, I remember the Facebook post about time management. I got my laptop and searched about the best techniques. Pomodoro technique was included in the site I visited. I jotted down notes on how this is done. 

I read in the Spica that the said technique was made by Francesco Cirillo, author and software developer. To start, you must choose the task to accomplish. You have only 25 minutes to do the task. After that, you are allowed to rest for 3 to 5 minutes. Once that you are able to do 4 Pomodori, rest for 15 to 30 minutes. I read more and the site recommended various apps and sites that can be used to track time and arrange Pomodoro task. I downloaded PomoDoneApp and registered using my email. The confirmation email link came quickly and I completed the registration process. 

The app requires you to set password for your account, provide your full name, country of residence, time zone, job title, company name, and team size. If you are going to use the app, you need to check settings of your phone in order for the app to work properly. After registering, I performed my house chores, ate my breakfast, and took a bath. I am under work- from- home arrangement for today. I had my morning class with my students at eight in the morning, so I decided to use the app and underwent the technique at the latter part of the morning.


My class ended at ten in the morning and I had the time to try it. I further examined the app to familiarize myself. After learning the basics, I had my first Pomodoro at 10:20 in the morning. I had three subjects that I need to create learning plans. So, the first task I did is my first weekly plan for week 2 of the fourth quarter. At first, I was panicking as the countdown timer ran. I was like cramming to finish the task. I think I established my concentration two minutes after the timer was set. I stopped checking my phone. I read the module and encoded details in the computer. I had remaining two minutes doing my first task. I smiled for that achievement. There is a feeling of productivity. While taking my break, I encoded details on what I had during the first Pomodoro. 

I had my second task started at 10:51 AM. I had to do another learning plan. The tension is lesser than what I felt in my first task. I was happy doing the task maybe because of the early success I had doing the technique.  I had remaining six minutes in this interval. I encoded what I did during the second task while taking the second break. 

The third task began at 11:23 in the morning. I need to finish the remaining learning plan. I accomplished the task earlier, having another six minutes remaining in the time allotted. Doing my fourth Pomodoro was tough as lunch time was approaching. It started at 11:54 AM. I need to find pictures online for the performance task of my students. My stomach was churning and it slowed down my searching. I still managed to do the task. However, I consumed the whole 25 minutes. 

I strictly followed the technique that I took my lunch after the four Pomodori. I did not use the technique in the afternoon work as I was constructing a test and the task requires longer time preparation for best results. 

At first, using the technique is hard. Change is not easily accepted. That time, I just need to reboot. As I finished as Pomodoro, I was satisfied. I was able to be productive at the same time, I was able to managed my time. Furthermore, I was able to get rid of distractions. There are many disturbances while working at home. The technique helped me to concentrate. I am going to recommend this to my students. But, I want to tell them to find a technique suitable for them. 

I am still going to explore more time management techniques for me to determine what is the best for me. For now, I am going to apply it and weigh down results. 

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