Fantastic Dining at Chicktastic

Food business establishments are thriving in our beautiful town. As a foodie, I am happy seeing eateries offering different treats to people. The latest to open its doors to customers is Chicktastic located in Poblacion. It started its operation last Monday. I finally visited the place last Friday with my workmates after attending a funeral wake. 

It was few minutes before noon when we were discussing where to eat lunch. Some of my workmates and I suggested to our fellows to try the place. Our convincing powers worked and we went to the food house. It is just a few steps away from the town park. I love the ambiance there. It is cozy and comfortable. 

While we are ordering, I recognized that one of the crew is my previous student when I was teaching in private college. But, honestly I cannot remember his name. He approached me and told me that the owner of the franchise is his classmate in college who is also my former student. I was glad that he was able to recognize me despite the mask covering half of my face and big change in my body size. I was happy to know that my former students ventured to a business. 

Chicktastic offers their customers meals, drinks, and fries. Based on the menu, you can order value meals, unli wings combo, family meal, and side order. Due to restrictions, our group was divided into two smaller groups. In the group where I belong, we were seven. For our lunch, my seatmates and I unanimously chose the family meal which is 30 pieces of chicken wings with 1.5 liters of coke. We were asked about the flavors of the chicken. We looked again the menu. There are sixteen flavors to choose from: New York Buffalo (Spicy Level 1), Classic Buffalo (Spicy Level 2), Super Buffalo (Spicy Level 3), Creamy Cheese, Lemon Glaze, Japanese Teriyaki, Spicy Maple, Garlic Parmesan, Mango Habanero, Spicy Salted Egg, Soy Garlic, Chili Garlic, Salted Egg, Orange Zest, Sisig, and Hickory. We picked Garlic Parmesan, Orange Zest, and Sisig. 

While waiting, my eyes cannot stop looking at the walls. They were painted beautifully especially this wall with different drawings of food and texts in different font styles. Aside from food, I particularly check the visuals of the establishment. It makes the dining experience awesome. The stomach is full so are the eyes. 

After a few minutes, our lunch was served. We used plastic gloves in eating. The first flavor I tried was the Garlic Parmesan. It is tasty. I ranked it as number among the flavors we ordered. I will definitely look for it when I go back to the place. The second flavor I tried was Orange Zest. It is saucy and tangy. I ate the Sisig flavored chicken to finish my meal. I love it. It is the second best based on our order. Overall, the pieces of chicken were crispy and satisfying. As a lover of fried chicken, I was impressed on what I ate. I will definitely recommend their chicken. 

After eating, we had short conversations before leaving the establishment. We were talking about trying their unli wings. When I saw one of my co- teachers bought fries for take out, I also bought one. The order cost 70 pesos. I was not able to take photos of the food, but it was cheesy. Composing this makes me remember the taste of the fries. Yummy. 

To my former students, congratulations for putting up your business. I wish you more success. The dining experience in Chicktastic is really fantastic.   

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