Writing #2023 Goals

2022 is out, 2023 is in. 

Another year, another 365 days of opportunities. We are blessed that we have multiple chances of creating and making our dreams come true. The challenge now is how to utilize and maximize the time. We are still recovering from the drastic effect of COVID-19 pandemic, yet we are going to face uncertainties. In my case, I am still processing things that are left from 2020. Based on my assessment, I have just bounced back in the last month of the previous year. I was greatly affected by the health crisis. I lost momentum. I felt like I am a train that got derailed. I felt like I was lost. In order for me to get back to the track, I decided to write down my 2023 goals. 

This post serves as my reminder about what I need to attain. I realize that maybe I got problems in attaining my goals for the past years because I am not writing them. My mind is like tricking me that when I think my goals, they are already attained. To avoid lost of opportunity or procrastinating, I am doing this. Maybe some of these are impossible this year, but I am just going to write them here. I am excited to cross them out one at the time. 

  1. Journaling throughout the year. 
  • Write in a journal notebook. 
  • Do an Instagram daily journal.
      2. Lose weight. 
  • Do walking every day for ten minutes
  • Trim down carbs and sweets
  • No soft drinks
  • Lessen fatty foods consumption
  • Sleep well
      3. Produce 50 blog posts for my two websites. 
  • Write listicles
  • Write reflections
  • Put other multimedia contents 
      4. Earn money online. 
  • Produce contents on various online platforms
  • Learn eBook writing
       5. Save and invest money.
  • Put 500 pesos for Travel envelope. 
  • Put 500 pesos in GInvest.
  • Only buy 1 product online per month. 
       6. Travel within and outside Pangasinan.
  • Go to a resort in Bolinao. 
  • Go to one town in Western, Central, and Eastern Pangasinan.
  • Go to Palawan.
      7. Write other projects. 

      8. Obtain post- graduate degree. 

I have seen videos telling not to tell others your next step. This is my space. I have the right to write what I want to be or gain. I will just enjoy the year. If there are people who will laugh me about these or there are those who are wishing to fail, I will try my best not to get affected. I will just work hard to strikethrough them here in my site. I pray to God for his guidance. 

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