How to Buy Cignal TV Prepaid Load Using GCash

What I am looking forward every weekend is watching TV. I was a couch potato during my childhood days. I love watching anime, cartoons, and drama series. I still remember my mother used to scold me when I spend three hours in front of our cathode ray tube television. As a working professional, I seldom turn on our flat screen nowadays. I can say that there is a big change in my watching habit and preference. I love watching sports shows now particularly volleyball leagues. My family has been using Cignal cable digital TV box for almost two years now. We avail prepaid load that lasts for a month. The only problem I deal with prepaid subscription is the expiration as it impedes me to watch live telecast of games. We need to contact a load seller and purchase load. 

I remember this morning that there are UAAP volleyball games slated today. I turned our TV at 10:45 and tune in to One Sports. Unfortunately, our load has expired. I checked my phone if I still have money on GCash. I searched on how to buy prepaid load and after few minutes, I was able to do the transaction successfully. This blog post will help you buy Cignal TV prepaid load using GCash. Here are the steps:

1. Tap GCash app and enter MPIN of your account. 
2. Choose Load icon. 

3. Click the Non- Telco icon. 

4. Enter the cellphone number that will receive the EPIN. 

5. Select PayTV and find the prepaid load you want to subscribe. I chose Cignal Prepaid Load 200. 

6. Press the Pay button. 
7. Check your mobile phone for the message sent by Cignal. The PIN is included in the text. 
8. Go to Cignal TV- Web Loading Tool. The link is

9. Insert the Prepaid Account Number and the PIN. Wait for the confirmation of the successful transaction. 

You need to wait for five minutes to access the channels based on the promo you have subscribed. Your GCash will help you not to miss watching your favorite TV shows. 

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