This Web App Tracks Your Travel Level in the Philippines

While scrolling my Facebook news feed last night, I saw posts of the online personalities that I am following about their travel level in the Philippines. Their status are accompanied with the country's map with provinces shaded with different colors. They put the link where they got the images and pressed it. I was brought to My Philippines Travel Level welcome page. I tried it and I enjoyed using the site. Due to tiredness, I was not able to upload the result on my FB and on my blog. 

Many have hopped on the trend including Former Vice President Robredo who has 315 travel level. As I check my socials after eating dinner, I have seen my friends and other netizens sharing their maps. I uploaded mine and I realized that I need to explore my country more. 

For those who are wondering about this trending app, My Philippines Travel Level was developed by Denz, a Filipino software engineer currently based in Singapore. He got inspiration from JapanEx, a site that also visualize the places being visited or passed by in the Japanese archipelago. 

To use the app, you need to view the map which is divided into 83 provinces. The site developer provided a notification that there are 82 provinces in the country. Metro Manila, a region, is counted as a province based on the app's context. Click a province and determine the level of your stay there. There are six levels to choose from:

Level 5- Lived there (you spent a significant portion of your life in that area)

Level 4- Stayed there (you slept at least a night in that area)

Level 3- Visited there (you spent some hours exploring the area)

Level 2- Alighted there (you just dropped off for a short stopover, layover or transfer)

Level 1- Passed there (you passed by that area but did not set foot)

Level 0- Never been there (you need to travel there soon)

The color of a province will change when you select from Level 1 to Level 5. Your total score will be updated every time you select a level. Once done, you press Save Image to download the map. You can upload the file online. 

I only attained Level 44. Region I is fully shaded. Metro Manila is also shaded. I only have visited one province in Cordillera Administrative Region. There is only one province left unvisited in Region 3. Laguna is the only province I reached in the South of Luzon island. 

Manifesting that I will travel outside the largest island of the Philippine archipelago. I love to go to Palawan, Cebu, and Iloilo. I will bookmark the site and I will make updates when I reach new provinces. I will upload the map with the photos of my visit. I pray for health, time, and pocket money to achieve my #TravelGoals. I will try my best to write about my travels here. 

What is your level? Visit the site now. 

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