5 Things I Like about Voltes V: Legacy TV Premiere

Screencapped from Voltes V: Legacy Episode 1 uploaded on GMA Network YouTube Channel 

The long wait is over. 

GMA-7 made history as it aired the pilot episode of Voltes V Legacy last Monday. After three years of hard work, the Philippine adaptation of the well- loved Japanese animated series is now watched on the television screens. Prior to the TV premiere, the Kapuso network made some of the episodes shown in local theaters giving the audience cinematic experience. I wanted to view it in the big screen however the movie house is three to four hours from us. Based on what I read online, many moviegoers were impressed about the show. This made me feel excited as if I want to pull the days and make May 8 arrive early. 

The day came and I turned on our TV thirty minutes earlier for me not to miss the beginning of the program. While waiting, I can't help but reminisce the days of watching the said series dubbed in Filipino. I still remember I had a green sando when I was six years with the five main characters with a big letter V printed on it. The instrumental of the opening song had me on LSS. I recall that I loved singing it confidentially even I do not know the lyrics while assembling the cloth clips in a V- shape formation. I felt like I am manning a volt machine while I am holding the assembled clips and making it fly guided by my hand. 

The live version series at eight and the first few seconds showed clips of vast galaxies, enormous planet with countless asteroids surrounding it. The logos of GMA Network, Toei Company, LTD, and Telesuccess Productions appeared in those clips. It was goosebumps. I planned to do a write a live update of my reaction, but I didn't do it as I devoted the time watching it and take photos. I just wrote this tonight. 

Here are the five things I like about the first episode. 

1. CGI and Visual Effects

The production prepared a visual feast. The quick spaceships attacking the parts of the world are impressive. Seeing the Camp Big Falcon is nostalgic. The biggest treat for the night was when the five machines "volted" in and formed gigantic Voltes V robot. Some netizens commended how handsome the robot is as it intricately created. That one minute of the formation made me teary- tired. My young self was happy that night. It made travel back to my childhood and wished to have that stage of life again which is about playing games and watching anime and cartoons. Dokugaga, the beast fighter that firstly appeared in the show, looks ferocious. Mark Reyes, the director of the show, proudly said in several interviews that the computer- generated imagery (CGI) and visual effects are 100% Filipino- made. 

2. Costumes and Set Designs

When it comes to costumes and set designs, I admire how creative the men and women of the production team of GMA Network are. The TV channel really gave it all as each flight costume of the Voltes team is Php 350,000 based on Direk Mark's pronouncement. I would like to commend the way the dressed up the Boazanian empire team. The show really glammed Martin Del Rosario, Leizel Lopez, Epy Quizon, and Carlo Gonzales to be Prince Zardoz, Zandra, Zuhl, and Draco respectively. They irk me as they are 'slaying' their roles, but I like how regal they are with what they wear.   

One of the wow moments of the episode is when the time Mary Ann Armstrong, played by Miss Carla Abellana, directing the Steve and his fellows to proceed to the launch conveyors. I just marveled as the five climbed up the stairs in slow motion. Then, everything went fast as they were sent to their respective vehicles. 

I cannot wait to see more of artistry in terms of costumes and set designs in the next episodes. 

3. Julie Anne San Jose's version of Voltes V Opening Song

When it was announced to the public about GMA's plan of adapting the popular series, I was thinking about who will sing its opening song. When somebody talks about Voltes V or when shouts the iconic line "Let's Volt In", it seems like the instrumental intro of the theme song is played on the background. I love singing it with these lyrics: Tentenen Tenen TenTen

Weeks prior to the pilot episode, the management shared the news that Asia's Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose will sing Voltes V no Uta. When I learned about it, I am elated as I know she can give justice to the song. I am glad she did. 

JAPS's rendition is superb. She interpreted the song beautifully. The original song is legendary. There is no question about that but the All- Out Sundays total performer and Maria Clara at Ibarra actress sang a memorable version in the national TV landscape. I have played her video recording performance several times. It is giving me Last Song Syndrome. 

4. The ensemble cast

Based on the first episode, I can say that the cast really gave their best to portray their roles. I would like to laud the performance of Mr. Albert Martinez, Ms. Carla Abellana, and Mr. Gabby Eigenmann. They showed why they have been in the industry for so long. The Boazanian team are force to reckon. Like what I have mentioned above, they are outstanding on their portrayal. They made me feel mad about them yet they impressed me on how noble they are. 

Miguel Tanfelix deserves the role given to him. The way he screams "Voltes V" is giving me the original vibes. I love the interaction between Big Bert and Little Jon played by Matt Lozano and Raphael Landicho respectively. They got the characterization of the characters they are playing. Ysabel Ortega and Radson Flores are also doing great. I commend Ysabel for showing her martial arts skill in the beginning of the show making her fit for the Jaime Robinson role. On the other hand, Radson is fearless in his horseback riding. I am excited for him to grow as the program is televised. 

5. The nostalgia

Voltes V is set in the times when the Boazanian Empire wants to conquer the Earth. The humanity depends on it as its last line of defense. In the real world, it is like a Deus ex machina that I need as an adult. Seeing the show on free TV makes my inner child happy. The robot seems like it made me fly going back to my childhood. I was like a kid in front of the screen. It made me escape the reality for an hour or less. I love the interaction of fellow viewers on Twitter. We share the same feeling. We are like transported to the times the only things to do are watch anime and kid programs and role playing of our favorite characters. 

The three years of waiting is worthy. Congratulations to the cast and crew. As of this writing, I will have a marathon as I was not able to watch episodes 2 to 5 as I got busy preparing for my research presentation, and joining activities in our town fiesta. I pray that the culture of production set by this program will continue as the winners are the viewers.  

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