Lucky Me! Go Cup now 'sachet less'

Rainy days are coming and one of the best things to do during the inclement weather is eating noodles. Who would decline the tasty, hot soup and the joy of twirling noodles? Eating this staple food is made easier by Lucky Me! as its Go Cup now in Easy Prep Cup. What you need to do is open it partially, pour hot water, cover it for three minutes, and mix well. 

I learned about this latest move of Monde Nissin two weeks ago when I watched its commercial on YouTube. Noodles lovers would have 'sachet it off' moments when they eat Lucky Me! Go Cup. 

Last Tuesday morning, I tried the product's transformation. As an adult who needs to go to work early, this saves me time. I ate Bulalo or Beef Bone Marrow flavor. When I opened the cup, there was no sachet of seasonings. There's no need for me to use my teeth or find scissors. I added hot water and waited for three minutes. I enjoyed my breakfast. 

Indeed, eating noodles is not a hassle anymore. 

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