Ending 2019 with God

Good evening, folks!

While you are reading this, maybe you are enjoying the way you planned to celebrate New Year's Day. In my case, I attended the year- end thanksgiving service in my local church.

I am happy to go to our church as I skipped several Sundays as I am attending classes in my master's degree. It is nice to be back. It is like I am recharging myself after weekly battles in the busy routes going in and out of Dagupan City.

We had our Wesley's covenant service and communion celebration that made the gathering extra special. I missed singing hymns. I am not good in singing, but I made sure that I gladly belt out songs for God. I had my contemplation on the scripture lessons especially the Parable of the Talents. It is one of my favorite Bible stories. It made me reflect how far I am using the gifts the Creator bestowed me.

I feel renewed after the covenant service. I just realized the overflowing love of God in spite all of the wrongdoings I made. I admit that my faith was challenged this year. There were moments of hopelessness and frustrations. There were times that I want to surrender. God is so good. He helped me to weather all the storms in my life. He gave things I used to survive every trial. Our pastor reminded us that having a covenant is a serious thing. I need to walk the talk.

We ended our service with the hymn of thanksgiving. We sang "Joy to the World" joyously with lifted lighted candles. The scene is Instagrammable. The moment was priceless. It is nice to behold a community worshiping God.

The congregation exchanged new year greetings. Indeed, it is a jubilant moment to welcome the new decade.

This year may be gruesome for you or a period of triumphs for you. I think it is proper to thank God for what transpired in 2019. Wherever you are, you can express your gratefulness to Him.

From Camp Carl John, Happy New Year!

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