Kyline Alcantara's Rendition of "Tala" Went Viral--- Here's Why

GMA La Nueva Kontrabida Kyline Alcantara have a memorable 2019 as her performance of Sarah Geronimo's hit song "Tala" went viral online.

In a video uploaded on Facebook by Kenneth Gerasmio, Kyline had a singing production number in a countdown show. She sang the initial verse of the song well. When she moved the mic towards her audience in the chorus part, the young actress received a funny, alternative response. The crowd chanted the lyrics "linamnam, ulam" coming from the Jollibee commercial ad of Anne Curtis.

Ky managed to continue her performance despite burst of laughter over the participation of her audience. I admire her professionalism. If I were in here situation, I would laugh out loud. She was able to go up close to the audience. At the end, she did a mashup of the song and the ad. The video attained more than one million views as of this writing.

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